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What People say

Kim Bayne

Thank you for being so lovely and supportive. I wanted to crack the shits and give up at the beginning simply because I couldn’t do the things everyone else could. You never made me feel different though, and gradually I forgot I had so much further to go than other people and learned to focus on what I could do. 

I’ve gained so much strength and mobility and I feel like I’m just beginning to see what I might be capable of. 

I’m going to do the program again because it keeps me accountable and I found it was such a great feeling to remind myself that I needed to make nutritious choices and practice self care. 


Thanks for everything you are a wonderful big hearted and potty mouthed legend and I’m so glad I joined PLAY

Debbie Francis

The proof is not in the pudding.
I’m a single Mum & work full time, sitting behind a desk, always time poor (well that was my excuse).
Around 18months ago my sister encouraged me to start training with her which I did & had minimal results. As life would have it I broke my foot 6 months later & a few months after that found myself in hospital very unwell, then diagnosed with “Croyns” disease. January this year I half-heartedly commenced group exercise again, no motivation. My Croyns was all over the shop, basically I felt crap. 

I started with Marlena about 12 weeks ago, after hearing fantastic things about her from a friend. From the very first session could tell that she was going to be the person to help me not only loose the kilos but get my body into shape. Marlena is welcoming, encouraging & real (no false pretence) her charismatic nature has everyone happy about working out (yep its true). 

I have just completed my first 8week challenge & am over the moon at my results. Marlena has been so supportive & encouraging. Taking extra time to seek out various eating options to compensate for my Croyns , modifying exercise to my specific needs so that I can maximize my personal results & it’s working!!!! I honestly never thought I could achieve such amazing results in such a short time. Marlena has also helped with my mental state of mind, I have a much more positive outlook on life & more of a “can do” or at least a “can try” attitude. 

I still have a way to go, but I am confident with Marlena’s guidance I can achieve my goal & maintain a healthier lifestyle.


I am so happy with the results. Not just in weight loss and cms lost but mostly in the overall feeling of wellness and strength. I feel stronger than I have felt in years. 

My energy has increased and I am needing less sleep but waking more refreshed. 

I have really enjoyed meeting some wonderful people and your positive energy is infectious.

Jennifer Hazell

I’ve been with Play for over a year now and finally worked up the courage to join the 8 week challenge during Feb/March this year.  Cannot express my thanks enough to Marlena and wonder why I hadn’t done it sooner!  My naturopath could not believe the change – I earnt top score on my ‘inner health’ – in my naturopaths words “who are you and what have you done with Jen, this is amazing” she was over the moon (as I was) with my results. 

Thank you Marlena, you rock!!!


Marlena has truly guided and supported me to get into shape over the last few months. 
I’m feeling absolutely amazing, energetic and I am the fittest and strongest that I have ever been in my life. With this, my self esteem and self confidence has come back. 
Marlena is passionate about fitness and she demonstrates this through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. Her easy going, fun, inspirational and crazy personality creates a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.
Every workout is definitely creative, challenging and fun. Marlena also places a high value on correct form with each exercise and her tips on nutrition are terrific and her dedication is quite evident. 
I thoroughly enjoy it when Marlena motivates me to push past my limits to get results. Due to this I’ve been able to increase my weights quite considerably and I’ve got great new muscles and have also shed 15kgs. 
If YOU are ready to change YOUR life for the better Play health and fitness will lead you every step of the way. I can’t recommend Marlena highly enough. 

Julie Green

I first found PLAY Health and Fitness in July on their website where I saw that they had an 8 week challenge starting the following week. This included food guidance and 8 weeks of unlimited group sessions. I read the webpage and responded with ‘I so need this !’ I hadn’t done any training or true exercise for 10 years. Since my second child I had done the bare basics of walking. I felt fat, unsatisfied with the way I looked and felt and just hated having my photo taken. From registering and all the way through the first 8 weeks, Marlena has been engaging, interested and a damn good trainer. She has just the right balance between making the sessions fun and different to making you work hard. By the end of the 8 weeks, I was actually astonished by how much I had achieved. Not only was I the joint winner of the biggest loser for the challenge, I have lost over 6 kgs and centimetres off every part of my body, I have achieved confidence and a more healthy outlook on life. My diet has changed to pretty much eliminate sugars and to eat as clean as possible. I have continued with between 2-3 group sessions a week and love them. Marlena knows when to give quiet advice with the exercise you are doing to yelling (positively) across the room to get you to work a little harder. Her classes are designed to work hard but at the end get results that you actually didn’t anticipate. Thanks Marlena for the positive influence in my life that you have brought. So glad I signed up!


I just wanted to say thank you for everything! 
you have no idea how proud of myself I am right now, I did not expect such a change in only 8 weeks 
I feel so much more energetic, confident and happy!! 
thank you for pushing me and always motivating me to do my best
you make training fun and it was just what I needed to get back to feeling my true self 
I can't thank you enough and I can't wait to see what I can do with your help from today on


For a lovely twist, this is what Steve's wife had to say...

"Thought I’d give you a quick “other half” take on the 8 week challenge.
 My husband decided to take up the challenge on Saturday- started Monday, up until that point  he hadn’t exercised for about 5 years due to a back injury.
 He was committed from day 1, I loved this as I’d been encouraging healthier eating for a while. Aside from all the obvious, weight loss, increased fitness etc I have noticed the following “side effects” from the 8 week challenge:
•stopped snoring (by week 4)this is a huge deal
•motivation levels up, across all areas of life
•enthusiasm for cooking and preparing family meals - also amazing 
•generally more active which is contagious in the household- lots of hiking plans coming up too 😁
Your encouragement and support for him to ease back into exercise while ensuring he still cared for his back was fantastic, and the fact that he continues to work out 4-5 times a week with you shows what a success the PLAY 8 week challenge was (for all of us). 
Thanks heaps 😘"

Joe Bailey

A massive Thank You for all your help. I have now reach my lowest ever weight for 25 or more years.  After the 8 week challenge stepping into the scales bloody shocked, till now still shocked! 
Less weigh / fat and more muscle at my age, who would of thought! Everyone I know comments how good I look .
A few years ago I knew I was in trouble when the doctor introduced me to blood pressure tablets. He said “you’ll be on these for the rest of your life” but I took that as a challenge. 
I started training on my own and did well but was just missing that extra push! 
My Beautiful Fiancé was training with you(still is) and was looking amazing so I decided to take a closer look and give you a go!
Apart from my Fiancé,  deciding to  train with you is one of the best decisions of my life. 
Your classes are fun, exciting, full of encouragement and enthusiasm and a shit load of dance moves.. 
Your passion for fitness oozes and seems to get soaked up by all your clients. It’s like you have your own little community. 
I don’t hear that well these days but often hear you call your clients Legends.
Well Marlena it’s you that is the legend  and we just follow your lead. 
Your F💪🏻😊ing Amazing!
Thanks again!

Oh and by the way I now longer take blood pressure tablets!!


My motto is simple “Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone!” and as a triathlete I’m forever pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone for optimum performance, but the crippling muscular skeletal injury Piriformis Syndrome has always stopped me from getting there. 

After joining PLAY in late 2017, Marlena knew exactly how to tackle this problem. Drawing on her incredible depth of Sports Rehabilitation experience, her diagnosis was simple – identify the root cause and build a targeted functional strength training program that addressed weaknesses in key muscular skeletal groups that contributed to the problem. Six months later – WOW! what a HUGE difference! The Piriformis Syndrome is well under control – YES!

Personal Training with Marlena challenges the limits of your mental and physical capabilities. The training is functional, tough and it WORKS! The journey so far has been incredible and the results speak for themselves. I now have increased mobility, stability, durability and strength, which has enabled me to train longer, harder and faster with the confidence that my body is in better shape than ever. – THANK YOU MARLENA!

Marlena’s PT sessions are well-structured, functional specific and always carried out with clinical and military like precision. Don’t underestimate PT at PLAY – its hard core, blood pumping, energizing and loads of FUN. I highly recommend it!

….So let’s keep PLAYING!

Anne Kay

When I first came to you and Play, exercise wasn't so much my problem, I have always been active and actually love exercising (consistency is another thing).
My diet, while not horrible, had not been amazing, mostly due to my carb loving genes and sometimes opting for convenience over nourishment. What I have learnt through multiple challenges over the past 12 months, is that small changes persisted with, will make huge differences. Less processed stuff, more organisation and smaller servings have really been the key. You know me, i am not fanatical about it. I aim for great 80% and live it up the other 20%. This has made it not only sustainable but a new lifestyle that Scott and I can enjoy together.

By coming to a combination of all your classes regularly, my body has definitely changed, not only losing 13kgs and sustaining it, but making me stronger for work and of course achieving my#rippedarms2017 goal.

So, I can not thank you enough, for your endless support and your crazy sense of humour which keep me coming back week after week.

For anyone thinking about participating in a challenge I say go for it, you wont regret it.


I started training with Marlena at the start of 2018 and recently completed my first 8 week challenge. To say that I was astounded by the results is an understatement! Not only is training with Marlena always a tough workout it is always entertaining and enjoyable. She is always ready to give a helping hand or provide guidance on how to get the most out of an exercise but, even better, she is always ready for a laugh and joke along the way. I love her boxing classes and the PowerPlay sessions especially. 
The biggest benefit I have found from undertaking the 8 week challenge is that Marlena has helped me develop a much healthier relationship with food. The advice and guidance I received during the challenge helped me lose almost 7 kilos but more importantly it has allowed me to develop a maintainable and enjoyable lifestyle with a balance between healthy eating as well as treating myself! 

Georgia Mobilia

I started training with Marlena at Play on the 16th of July this year. I remember this date, as this is when I decided to be the best possible version of myself. 

Prior to starting I had a gym membership, however I was completely unmotivated and had began visiting purely to not waste my money. My love for exercising and training had vanished... Physically I was struggling with my post baby body, not just how I looked, but how I felt. I was in agony with a sore back, and, as a result was visiting a chiro twice a week. Unsure whether it was sore due to a poor core or a poor mental state I knew something had to change. Insert Marlena and Play  

In the last 5 months I have not only improved my physical strength but more importantly my mental strength. Oh, and I haven’t been to the chiro in over 3 months, they even called to check I was ok? I replied I was more than ok! 

Last month I surprised everyone including myself by completing in Tough Mudder with fellow Players and Marlena. It was honestly one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences of my life! Something 6 months ago I would never have imagined I could achieve! And probably wouldn’t have achieved if not for Marlena being there by my side! 

Marlena is hilarious, engaging, supporting and real! She rides the highs and the lows with her clients and that’s why we all love her! 

Fabiano Nigro

Marlena never lets you give up.

I was a resident member of Marlena’s classes back at the gym. We worked hard and we played hard. With Marlena’s help I lost 10kgs and was the fittest I had ever been. I developed a love for exercise and healthy living but due to work commitments, I could no longer train with Marlena. I am now thrilled to be training with her again, getting my fitness and exercise routine back on track and loving it!

Marlena always helps you with your posture and technique to ensure you are getting the very best out of each activity. Her sense of humour and encouragement helps you to get through those tough exercises where you want to give up after the first few reps.

Her new PowerPLAY session tested my strength and endurance and I am really excited to work on these areas of my fitness with her. Marlena’s Pilates class has always been challenging and will make your abs work for their money. My core strength has improved dramatically since taking Pilates which makes day to day activities easier and has put a stop to slouching and lower back pain.

I am excited to be training hard again and am looking forward to boosting my fitness levels with a trainer who knows exactly what I need and when to push me so I can achieve my own fitness goals.

Melissa Griffiths

I have absolutely adored my personal training sessions with Marlena. In preparation for my wedding, she pushed me to my limits, limits I didn't know I had. She understood what motivated me, what made me tick. She kept me on track on a daily basis with food intake, and I admit I'm a sucker of everything food. We smashed my goals and I have never felt so amazing, both physically and mentally. I couldn't be more appreciative for what Marlena has given me for life. I now have a new outlook on fitness, food and wellness.

Nicole Muleta

I have just joined play health and fitness. I have been off training for around six months. Marlena is a great pt I am thrilled to find somewhere that offers group and pt. I have really found the workouts be fantastic. My body and mind are on track thanks Marlena I can't wait to see the next step in my fitness level. You rock !!!!!!

Heidi Culbard

I had tried Pilates unsuccessfully for many years. This wonder excersise just kept falling short for me. Until I went to a Marlena class! She nailed it, which meant I nailed it. And I have never looked back. Even if I am with another instructor I have her ultra clear and precise, no wishy washy instructions and her voice in my head. I know what I am capable of doing thanks to her. Oh, and she's ultra fun to be with too. 

Andrea Vasilopoulos

If you are looking for a fun, friendly, energetic trainer then look no further! Marlena of PLAY Health & Fitness is all those things & more. She will push you to limits you didn't no you had or could achieve! As an instructor myself I learnt a lot of what I know from Marlena herself, things you can't learn in a text book! She's the inspiration I work from when putting together my own class sessions. Absolutely 5 stars no doubt!

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