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PLAY Health & Fitness Merch

Now taking orders!!

Select your new PLAY gear from the websites below (lots to choose from!)

**PLEASE DON'T ORDER DIRECTLY FROM THE AS COLOUR WEBSITE - as these won't be PLAY Health & Fitness branded.

To make it simple for you, cut an paste the following info and add your selection, then email it through to me at (link below)



Merch Item name and number: 



(here is an example)

Name: Marlena Porter

Merch Item name and number: Mens Stencil Hood - 5102

Colour: Black

Size: Medium


PLAY Health and Fitness 

BSB: 063 185

1131 5717

*Please note, all designs will be the PLAY Health & Fitness Logo unless Young Athletes is requested.

CLICK HERE to email 

Choose ANYTHING from the AS Colour website  this is where you'll find all the hoodies, sweatshirts and singlets.

These are the bright coloured women's singlets 

Women's Bright Colour Singlets

Adults and Kids Quick Dry T-shirts 

Long sleeve sports tops (these are the ones everyone has been asking me about lately, the quick dry long sleeve tops)  

Price List:
All jumpers and hoodies $60
All singlets/t-shirts/long sleeve tops $35
Young Athletes T-shirts $25

Get your orders in by Saturday 3rd Feb 2024

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