Suitable for all fitness levels, with lots of options so you can get the most out of the session.

Functional training, to get you fitter, stronger, faster, and moving better.

This session mixes it up with HIIT, Strength, Tabata, circuit and cardio.


This session will burn calories, sculpt and shred your body.

Using barbells, bodyweight, plyometrics and lots of FUN!


Suitable for all fitness levels. 

This is a Cardio session designed to make you SWEAT!

Increase your speed, strength and heart rate. 


Strengthening the core, but not as you know it. This is a low impact session, that includes Strength, rotation, balance and rolling to strengthen weakness and release tight muscles To improve posture and correct imbalances.


Balance, Movement and Flow.

Pilates was designed to move your body in the way it was meant to be moved. You will feel challenged, stronger and increase your mobility.

Suitable for all fitness levels.


Increase muscle mass and strength - the more muscle we have the faster our metabolism works!!

A low impact class suitable for everyone (no burpees!)


In accordance with VIC Gov guidelines, there are restricted numbers with all our classes to ensure each person has adequate space.

Minimal sharing of equipment, with cleaning after each use. Physical distancing is maintained throughout the sessions. Members are required to bring a towel, mat and well as a pre-filled water bottle. Water is available for purchase if required.

  • All members are to use hand sanitiser upon arrival.

  • Very limited sharing of equipment, and if shared, equipment must be cleaned after each person has used it.

  • You’ll be given access to wipes/sprays and paper towels in your studio to use before moving to the next station. 

  • A record is kept of every single person who trains and the time of their attendance.

  • Due to limited class numbers, we ask you to be diligent in cancelling out of your classes at a reasonable time. 

  • Equipment will be sprayed with disinfectant by trainers between every class & as much as possible during each session. 

  • After every class, we’ll disinfect all high-touch surfaces 


Please make sure to practice social distancing when training. If you have a cough, fever, or symptoms of COVID-19, please do not come to the studio until you’re symptom-free and fever-free for three days. If you have tested positive for COVID-19, or have knowingly come into close contact with someone who has, we ask that you do not come to the studio for 14 days or until you’ve tested negative for COVID-19. If you feel unwell or have any concerns about coming in to the studio, please stay home and stay safe. We’ll welcome you back when you’re healthy and feel comfortable coming back to see us.


Whether you plan to join us in the studio, or feel more comfortable staying home, we’re here for you and we are ready for you.

If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out! 


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