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PLAY Health & Fitness September Newsletter 2020 

In this Newsletter:
  • New Time Table
  • 8 Week Challenge Winner
  • Covid Roadmap - what that means for PLAY
  • Personal Training

From Next week September 14th

Thursday nights 6.10pm will be replaced with a Roll and Release session; this will go for 20 minutes using a foam roller, massage ball and stretching, to balance out all the training sessions.

Sweat: Cardio session, get ready to sweat.

Strength: Using weights; Low impact class (no burpees!)

Shred: High Intensity Interval Training, using weights and bodyweight exercises.

Pilates: Balance, control and strength

Core: Low impact strengthening 

Young Athletes: A free session available on the Play Health and Fitness Facebook page for kids and adults

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Eight week challenge winner


Let’s face it, working out from home certainly has its challenges; we are moving less, in front of a screen for much longer, our mental health is under strain, not being able to see family and friends, that pantry always being no more than a few meters away from us at all times, and if you have children under the age of 6, well, that can make a 45 minute workout, at times, impossible!

I am incredibly proud to announce the winner of the 8 Week Challenge, Nicole Dalgliesh.

Like many, the emotional and physical stress of Covid has been particularly challenging for Nicole. Iso #1, Nicole chose not to join in the online training, but after that brief 2 ½ week return to face to face, and then back to Iso #2, she said, I can’t stop now, I’ve only just started again, I’ll give it a go. Fast forward a couple of weeks, “I can’t believe how much I am enjoying the online training! I just wish I had done it earlier”. 


Nicole lost a total of 8.1kgs and an incredible loss of 49.5cms all over. Thanks to previous shoulder, lower back and knee injuries, at the start of the 8 weeks, Nicole was cautious and wasn’t able to do pushups, now, the strength and power that she has achieved is awesome to watch! She not only puts 100% into every workout, she brings so much love, laughter and more than a sprinkle of sarcasm to every session!! She is at her lowest weight in years, and the strongest that I have ever seen her! There has been a definite mindset shift.

I am so incredibly proud of Nicole, her hard work and her results.

More Results and Feedback...

Screen Shot 2020-09-08 at 2.03.58 pm.png

Next Challenge Starts 12th October

Covid Roadmap:

The latest information we have tells us, all things going well, from the 28th of September, I can train up to two people face to face. This will remain like this until potentially the 26th of October, where that number may increase to up to 5 people face to face. Once we know more information and get closer to the dates, I can tell you more then.

But at the moment, and as of the 28th of September, 

  • Online classes will remain. 

  • Online Personal Training will remain

  • And Face to Face Personal Training will commence - please note, that spots for this are filling fast, and there are only a limited times are available left. 

    • Those times are: 

    • Monday 11am

    • Tuesday 3.30pm

    • Wednesday 10.30am, 3.30pm

    • Thursday 3pm

Please get in contact if you would like to secure a time.

Isolation 6 Week Membership $200 

It looks like we are in lockdown for a little longer, so If you need to get your body moving, join the PLAY team with Unlimited training - Strength, Core, Sweat, Pilates, Young Athletes and Shred sessions to choose from.

Access to the Private Facebook Page

22 Zoom sessions on the timetable, so you will be challenged, your technique corrected and enjoy community engagement. As well as 15 recorded sessions loaded to the Private Facebook page each week, that you can go back and watch at any time.

All the Virtual memberships are per household - so that means if you hold a membership, your kids, your partner, your housemate, can all get involved and join in the sessions at no extra cost.

The benefit of joining in the zoom sessions, is that, even if you don’t feel like working out, when you show up, you are accountable, you work a lot harder than if you just pressed play on a recording where you could easily slack off or even press stop!

With the zoom sessions - you get interaction, feedback, I’ll push you if I think you are holding back, I’ll give you alternatives to exercises if a particular movement doesn’t feel right on your body, and I’ll correct your technique, and we will have a laugh at the same time.

No, online training may not feel the same as face to face, but even my clients who were the most resistant to jumping online during lockdown #1 have joined in, and they can’t believe how much they are enjoying the sessions.


What is going to get me through is your motivation and your fabulous zoom classes!

You have no idea how you give me such positive vibes.... so you’re doing something right and I’m sure I’m not the only one you ‘lift.’

Everything you do for your players is straight from the heart. You continue to do a fabulous job!

Looking forward to the next six weeks!.”

“I can’t believe how much I am enjoying it. I find myself working harder at home, because it’s just me and I’m not so self conscious.”

If you want to join in, jump on here


Silver Membership: $38 per week. Access to all virtual sessions on the timetable, including recorded sessions that can be watched at any time.


Personal Training: (all sessions 30 minutes long unless organised otherwise)

1:1 session $45

2:1 session $60

10 pack 1:1 $400



I have a few items for sale to help with those home workouts - let me know if there is anything you would like; If you live within 5kms I can drop it off, or I can arrange delivery at an extra cost.

Black fabric resistance band $18 (one left)

Purple fabric resistance band $22 (one left)

fabric resistance band $26

Massage / Lacrosse ball $9

As always, if you have any question, please get in touch.

Stay safe 

Mars x

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