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PLAY @ Home Virtual Training

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It has never been more important to stay active to help keep our mental health and well-being in check, through a time of uncertainty, isolation and increased anxiety.


I’m not closing down, rather I am moving...into your house!!

By providing virtual training, not online training, this will…


⭐️Keep us fit and moving

⭐️Keep us connected, we will be able to interact with each other via ZOOM, I will be able to correct technique, know when you are slacking off, and also mute you! (If only I could have done this with Saturday 7:40am players!!!😜)

⭐️Keep us in a routine, as humans, like it or not, we crave structure.

⭐️I’ll be throwing things in for the kids to do too, such as workouts, challenges and games to keep them from annoying the crap out of each other and you!!

⭐️If you can't get to a virtual session, you can access the sessions via the closed group Facebook page at any time, get the family to join in or wait til they are in bed so you can have some "you time"!

⭐️And making sure that we all get through this.

Let’s continue to take care of ourselves, our bodies, our mental health and each other.


HIIT= (High Intensity Interval Training) may or may not include weights, but there will be an element of high knees, jump squats, switches, burpees or similar (obviously, there will be options if you can't do these).

STRENGTH = will include weights and body weight exercises with no impact ie. no burpees! Similar to the session we did this week on Wednesday morning at 7am

PILATES = Balance, Movement and Flow. This class is designed to move your body the way it was designed to move. You will feel challenged and stretched. Strengthening your core and increase your mobiity.

CORE =  Strengthening the core, including your abdominal muscles, back muscles and the muscles around the pelvis. with balance, strength, rotation, hip function and mobility.  

  • Strength, mobility, Pilates and cardio workouts

  • Workouts that get results

  • Minimal equipment - do anywhere, any time

  • No joining fees, no locked in contracts, no pressure and no egos!

Just like everything at the moment, things will continue to change, and I will be evolving and tweaking things as we go.

If you are interested in getting involved in our virtual PLAY@Home group, feel free to get in touch or click on the link below.

PLAY@Home Memberships are $30 per week, paid via direct debit or credit card (please note there is a 2.5% additional fee is paying by credit card) on a fortnightly basis.

$30 per household - so get the whole fam bam involved :)

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