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Announcing the winner of the
8 week Accountability Challenge...

There were so many quiet achievers over this past 8 week challenge, but I don't think it will come as a surprise to anyone who this Challenge winner is. He made is presence know with all the pops and noises and groaning  during pilates! But more than anything, his infectious smile and his positive attitude when it came to every training session. We could see him transform before our eyes. His strength and fitness improved, as well as gaining better movement, all his aches and pains began to disappear.

"My money is on Brad", "Brad has had a 'glow-up'", are just some of the things that could be heard over the past week. 

CONGRATULATIONS BRAD!! You have won a $500 Luxury Escapes Voucher.


Brad's Results:      -6.3kgs   -31.5cms   -5.5%BF   Maintained Muscle mass

Brad trained four times a week over the past 8 weeks; Play, Pilates, Core and Sweat. 



Mel F  Results:      -4.1kgs   -21.5cms   -3.8%BF Maintained Muscle mass

Metabolic age went from 38 to 29 years old (Mel is 45 years old).

Mel has been training consistently 4 times a week; Play, Strength, Play and Core. 

Penny K Results:   -3.3kgs   -24.7cms   -2.9%BF Maintained Muscle mass

Metabolic age went from 49 to 41 years old (Penny is 49 years old). 

Penny trains 4 times a week; Strength, Personal Training, Play and Core.

It just goes to show, you don't have to over train, you just need to be consistent.

Please note new membership
and Pack prices from October 1st 2023

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Grand Final Friday.png

Grand Final Weekend:

Friday 29th September 9:00am class

Saturday 30th September no classes

Over the School holidays, there are some minor changes to the timetable which is available on PT Minder.

To stay up to date with all things at PLAY, make sure you join the PLAY Health and Fitness Private facebook page...

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Keep Moving

Keep Moving.png

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:30am at the KEEP MOVING Class, we work on balance, strength, co-ordination, cardiovascular fitness, and have a great chat while we are working out.

A class designed for those who have never exercised, haven't exercised in a long time, older adults and new mums or anyone who wants to have a low impact workout with other incredible humans!

Incorporating functional strength training to maintain muscle mass along with stability training to maintain an active lifestyle.

Increase fitness, strength, confidence, coordination, balance, endurance and release those feel-good endorphins.

Stay healthier and stronger for longer.

$175 for a 10 pack

Young Athletes

Young Athletes is taking a break over the school holidays but will be back from 2nd October.

A strength and conditioning class for kids aged 11-16

The Young Athletes classes are on Mondays and Wednesdays 4:30pm for 40 minutes 

$175 for a 10 pack

For more details click here

Young Athletes.png

The best thing about PLAY is the people!

Because we are a home based gym, we have a small, very welcoming community, with a strong focus on technique and consistency.

No matter what your fitness levels are, we have something for everyone; from kids training to the more mature!

I've been in the fitness industry for 25 years, seen all the fads and heard all the "quick fixes", but I know it's about doing the fundamental movement patterns consistently that get the best results.


Our aim is for everyone to live a long, healthy life, avoiding injuries by using exercises, volumes, and intensities that will keep your joints healthy, and will support your ability to keep moving and doing the things you love as you age.

If you have never been here before and would like to check us out, we welcome you to come for a free trial…

Just click this link, select CASUAL SESSION

and enter the discount/promo code: PLAY4Free

Don't forget to download the PT Minder app so you can book in all your classes straight from your home screen.

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