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Young Athletes

Strength & Fitness classes for youths aged 10-18

The aim of Young Athletes is to help develop the youth in our community to be stronger, fitter and healthier humans.

The Young Athletes program will...

☆ Improve physical fitness and athletic performance

☆ Help prevent injuries

☆ Develop strength and speed, so they can improve in their chosen sport

☆ Get more movement into their week in a controlled and safe environment with correct technique

☆ Help with sleep

☆ Work on balance and coordination

☆ Improve agility and power

☆ Release natural endorphins giving them a 'feel good boost'

Mondays and Wednesdays 4:40pm for 40 minute classes


★ Details 

Each session runs for 40 minutes

10 Pack : 40 minute sessions $175

(equates to $17.50 per session) 


Please contact me direct with any questions or for more information. 


Marlena Porter

0407 059 223

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