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Young Athletes

Strength & Fitness classes for youths aged 10-18

The aim of Young Athletes is to help develop the youth in our community to be stronger, fitter and healthier humans.

The Young Athletes program will...

☆ Improve physical fitness and athletic performance

☆ Help prevent injuries

☆ Develop strength and speed, so they can improve in their chosen sport

☆ Get more movement into their week in a controlled and safe environment with correct technique

☆ Help with sleep

☆ Work on balance and coordination

☆ Improve agility and power

☆ Release natural endorphins giving them a 'feel good boost'

Mondays and Wednesdays 4:40pm


The need for kids to learn the basics of movement and incorporating strength training is vital, instead of relying on ankle braces, knee sleeves or isolated strength drills that do nothing to change dysfunctional movement patterns. 

We believe that the best movements are ones that are performed the right way. Incorrect form and movement is the main cause of injury and chronic pain. Strength is the key. Strong, controlled movement should be the cornerstone of any training program to improve vertical and lateral power, acceleration and rotational control. 

In sports such as basketball, netball, soccer and football; knee and ankle injuries are very common, as cutting and single leg landing are a massive part of the games.

The use of sleeves, knee and ankle braces will not prevent an injury. The need for a sports specific strength training program is as important as learning the fundamental skills of the game.

★ Details 

Each session runs for 40 minutes

10 Pack : 40 minute sessions $175

(equates to $17.50 per session) 

First class is FREE - click here to book in for your free trial


Please contact me direct with any questions or for more information. 


Marlena Porter

0407 059 223

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