5 Week Challenge





Unless you are reading this from a prison cell, CONGRATULATIONS, you got through almost 2 years of covid, lockdowns and restrictions.

If you were like the majority of Melbourne, and got through it with food and alcohol, you are not alone!!

The great news is, you made it! Well done!

The unfortunate side effect, is the scales may show a higher number than appreciated and your clothes may be hugging you a little more tightly than you remember.


Starting this Monday, 8th of November, it's time to reset. To get back on track. To ditch the excuses and start feeling bloody amazing!!

Green Natural Meditation  Yoga Health Flyer (1).png

The details:

Before and after photos to be taken by yourself or by a family member in the comfort of your own home, preferably in bathers, or workout gear.

Before and after weigh and measure done at PLAY.

Weekly weigh in for accountability (can be done at PLAY or at home).

All new recipes; Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Limit; alcohol, Sugar and carbs

Team points system will look something like this; 2 points for face to face training. 1 point for prerecorded workout, 30+ minute walk/ride/swim/yoga etc. 1 point for every Alcohol Free Day. 1 point for weekly decrease in weight OR Bodyfat %, 1 point for a weekly recipe share.

Your coach and your team will be will be your biggest cheerleaders, supporters, and advocate, as you will be theirs. You are to call each other out, lift each other up and aim to earn the most points possible for your team.


The winning team will win a prize. Prize tba, but I promise you, it will be a prize that you will want to win!



Payment options:

Upfront. A once off cost for those who only want to start with 5 weeks, this package includes The 5 week challenge entry as well as 5 weeks of unlimited training. A total cost of $300. Nothing more to pay.


5 Week Entry fee of $60. This is for those who are already current members who would like to join the challenge.


This option is for those who would like to join up as a member for the cost of $38 per week. You will also need to select the 5 week challenge entry payment, that you will find on the PT Minder store that this link takes you to.