Summer Shape up
Monday 10th October - Sunday 11th December 2022 

Weight loss is simple.

Its isn't easy - in fact, it can be very f*cking difficult. 

But, it IS simple.


We don't need to overcomplicate it with carb cycling, weight loss supplements, or elimination of food groups.

By focusing on the simple habits, and being consistent, great RESULTS will come:

  • Portion control

  • Fruit and veg with every meal

  • Protein with every meal

  • Daily walks

  • 7-9 hours sleep

  • Strength training 2-3 x per week

  • Drinking water 

We are going to give you all the tools, all the support and accountability to achieve your goals.​


It's time to stop with the Excuses and make yourself proud of you.

NO MORE "I'll start it tomorrow."

NO MORE "I can't because..."

NO MORE "I'm too tired."

NO MORE "I'm too busy"

NO MORE "It's too hard."

NO MORE "I would if I..."

NO MORE self sabotage.

8 Weeks of NO EXCUSES.

8 weeks of doing what you say you'll do.

8 weeks of keeping the promises made to yourself.

8 weeks to regain control. To feel strong again. To feel good about yourself.

8 weeks of getting outside your comfort zone, to REALLY see great results.

WINNER will be judged based on results and lifestyle changes....

Great Prizes to be won!!!

What's Included:


*Access to the PLAY YOU portal

  • Personalised daily meal plan for your specific goals

  • Easy to follow, delicious, family friendly, balanced Recipes

  • Shopping lists

  • Goal Setting

  • Nutrition and training advice

  • Accountability

*Unlimited Group Training Classes

Come to as many sessions as you like!

Payment options:

Upfront. A once off cost for those who only want to start with 8 weeks, this package includes The 8 week challenge entry as well as 8 weeks of unlimited training. A total cost of $400. Nothing more to pay.


8 Week Entry fee of $80. This is for those who are already current members who would like to join the challenge.


This option is for those who would like to join up as a member for the cost of $40 per week. You will also need to select the 8 week challenge entry payment, that you will find on the PT Minder store that this link takes you to.