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Body Composition Analysis Scans will be available on Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th January for all members and non members.

For Challange participants and non participants.

For anyone who would like to get a an accurate reading of whats really changing in their bodies. 

Before and After Scans will be $80 for both scans.

A body composition scanner is a non-intrusive way of tracking:
Skeletal muscle mass
Body fat as a total and %
Visceral fat (around your organs)
Basal Metobolic Rate (BMR)
Bone mineral content
Total body water
Comparitive size of each limb
Muscle imbalances
Fat control targets
Muscle control targets

You get a 10 page document detailing all the results to take home.

To book your appointment call

Marlena 0407 059 223

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