8 Week Challenge

Next Challenge starts Monday 1st Feb 2021


RESET: If you are feeling a little worse for wear after Christmas and, well, 2020, it's time to reset your body and your mind. Feel good about yourself.

REFRESH: Give new purpose to your day. Replace the habits that have crept in that leave you feeling flat and frustrated with ones that give you energy and confidence.

RESULTS: With consistent, smart training and healthy eating you will feel and see the results, not only in your clothes, but your energy levels, your mood and your stress levels.

Whether you’re looking to break unhealthy habits, lose weight, build strength or run 10kms; we'll help you set a goal, make a plan and get you the results you want.   


The 8 week challenge is not a quick fix, not a diet, not a juice cleanse, and it won't leave you feeling like you are missing out on anything; it is a way of life, a lifestyle change that is sustainable and successful.

Learn what to eat, when and why - take the confusion out of healthy eating. 

  • 8 Weeks of Unlimited Group Sessions 

  • Access to the Private Facebook pages.

  • Recipes, resources and support.

  • Face to face and online training options.

Before and afters


$500 Gift Voucher for Luxury Escapes 

book in a luxury escape for two, or for the whole family and indulge in some relaxation at a location of your choice.

2 Months of Unlimited Group Training 

Free membership at PLAY Health & Fitness for 2 months.

*Judging is based on several factors; lifestyle changes, before and after photos and body composition.

What's included:

  • 25 Small Group Sessions on the timetable to choose from.

  • 6 Online Sessions.

  • Access to the PLAY Health and Fitness Private Facebook page with 100's of pre recorded sessions.

  • Access to PLAY Health & Fitness 8 Week Challenge page, full of inspiration, recipes, past seminars and a whole lot of support.

  • Before and After Photos

  • Measurements

  • An incredibly community.

  • Loads of delicious, easy to follow recipes.

  • Easy to follow Food Guidelines.

  • RESULTS! Feel better, sleep better and let go of unwanted kilos.

Join the fun at PLAY

No egos, no judgment; train in a fun, results driven, supportive environment. 

Real people, real results.


 I am so grateful for our PLAY family; you all rock and are so motivating (mostly lol). But the leader of our crazy pack, Marlena, is next level. She tolerates my complaining, laughs at my jokes, doesn’t complain about my singing (to my face at least), and pulls me off the ledge when I’m teetering. I love everything about PLAY. Loved the challenge, the support, the info night, even the outdoors sessions! 


Payment options:

Upfront. A once off cost for those who only want to start with 8 weeks, this package includes The 8 week challenge entry as well as 8 weeks of unlimited training. A total cost of $400. Nothing more to pay.


8 Week Entry fee of $60. This is for those who are already current members who would like to join the challenge.


This option is for those who would like to join up as a member for the cost of $38 per week. You will also need to select the 8 week challenge entry payment, that you will find on the PT Minder store that this link takes you to.